Thursday, April 26, 2012

Random Thoughts

So, big brother is spying on us when we use social media sites. I am not surprised. I also refuse to tone down what I say when I rant about something that I find wrong. So be it! Until the day comes when they come to take me kicking and screaming away, I will refuse to change. I must add the disclaimer that my life is not threatened to the extent that some are in other parts of the world. I fully understand that some people cannot do this and that is the reason that I must.

Who knows the true meaning of freedom of speech? A Syrian who protests a corrupt government publicly knowing that he will probably be captured, tortured, shot and killed or an American who is afraid to loose his privileges if he publicly protests the corruption of his government and does not risk anything to do anything about it?

Allowing tax deductions for church tithes as charitable deductions is government sponsored religion through the back door.

It has been said that there is no difference between Republicans and Democrats so it doesn't matter who you vote for or whether or not you vote.

I want to know what state legislatures controlled by Democrats are passing laws taking away workers' rights, women's rights, voters' rights.

I want to know what Democrat controlled House since the 60s have held hearings on women's issues without inviting women, hearings on Muslims without inviting Muslims and the other shit they are doing.

Yes it does matter. I understand that all Democrats are not as progressive as I am or would like them to be, but I'll be damned if I will allow the myth that they are both the same go unchallenged.

People look at what is happening in places like Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan and say that chaos prevails and we shouldn't do it again. They claim that interfering in Syria will cause the same chaos. I see people attempting to build a new country and new form of government. It takes time and is sometimes imperfect. Mistakes are made. But it is free people attempting new directions for themselves.

When we win the battle and Russ is off the air waves, we must not lose sight on the war. The conservative right have been waging this war for years and have been winning. They took on labor and won. They took on civil rights and have eroded many rights. They took on gays and lesbians and only lost in 8 states. They have lost a battle here and there but they have been winning the war. Now they feel strong enough to take on women. We always have looked the other way. I hope that now there is a real awaking. We lose this war at our peril.

I am an agnostic and do not believe in any sacred being separate from ourselves. I do hold life sacred, whether human, animal, plant or any yet undiscovered. I am anti-war, I am against the death penalty and I am pro-life. This life we have is the only life we will ever have so we must do with it what we feel is best.

My beliefs are just my beliefs and nothing more. I do not require anyone to hold these same beliefs. You may share some, you may totally disagree with all.

What happens when free speech and the right to protest no longer exists in the United States? We become the same as Libya, Egypt, Syria, Bahrain, many of the former republics of Eastern Europe and most of the rest of the world. Has it stopped people in these countries from protesting? No. Even though they are imprisoned, tortured, even killed they continue to protest. I am beginning to think that maybe we need to lose these rights to enable our fight for human rights and social justice for all. I for one, will continue to fight for human rights and social justice no matter what.

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