Saturday, July 30, 2011

I Believe

Before I begin with the laundry list of what I believe, I am going to explain my style of writing. I was taught by the US Army to use the KISS system. Keep It Simple Stupid. We were trained to use few words and sentences to get our point across rather than verbose writing where your points could be lost and misunderstood.

I believe that everyone should have access to universal health care.

I believe that the War on Terror should be stopped and instead use our resources to eradicate the causes of terror.

I believe the War on Drugs should be stopped and instead use our resources to eliminate the dependency on drugs.

I believe our prison industrial complex needs to be dismantled. Privatization of prisons must be stopped. We are imprisoning a greater percentage of our citizens than any other nation in the world and it is not working. Our whole criminal justice system needs to be reformed.

I believe that everyone should have access to shelter, food and other basic necessities of life.

I believe that the minimum wage should be a life sustaining wage and not one that leaves many citizens to a life below the poverty level.

I believe that any tax breaks given to the rich and the corporations should be in relation to how many jobs they have created for Americans to work.

I believe that the wages of the members of congress should not exceed the lowest paid constituent in their state/district. We need statesmen not politicians in positions of power.

I believe that our education system should be overhauled to insure that all children regardless of where they live receive the best education, that our teachers should receive wages commensurate with their job of ensuring that we have the best educated students in the world.

I believe that we must invest in our infrastructure.

I believe that we must invest in renewable/alternative energy sources.

These are my basic beliefs. I'm sure that others will be added.


  1. I believe with you on many of your points, but slightly defer in others, such as:

    1) The KISS system. As Einstein once said, "You can make it simple, but you cannot make it simpler."
    2) Agreed - I have it.
    3) Agreed - I believe that raising the general level of education stamps out dogma.
    4) That would fit in with N° 2, and in favour of a better mental health care system, so that neither cocaine or SSRIs cripple a nation.
    5) For the U.S. yes. The system more or less works where I live. Crime rates are lower.
    6&7) Agreed. I am in favour of the minimum month salary for simply existing without any kind of government overseers (e.g. every man, woman and child should receive $1,000 every month tax-free, and work should be paid for extra).
    8) Slightly disagree. Not how many jobs they gave to Americans, but how much they re-invested in the world-wide community, be it in the form of medical research, education, jobs, hospitals, care-taking of children or seniors, etc. It shouldn't just be for Americans but for any group of people needing support on the planet.
    9) Agreed.
    10) Partially agreed. I would go further and say that the government, the media and the community should do more to recognise and praise academic merit. I would like to see people gush over and wilding photograph, for someone who is traipsing down the red carpet - not for their role as an actress, but for the role in chemical research or medical research. I want people cheering for trophies for mathematics and marine biology, and not for football and music videos.

    Congratulations! You just qualified for the German Free Democrat Party (LOL) Who would have thought you to also like liberal and laissez-faire?

  2. I mostly agree with your blog, though I disagree that you're an old man.