Thursday, August 4, 2011

Banned Book of the Month Club

This blog was inspired by my good friend Weissdorn from a blog she did on the Illuminati.  Certain books are always banned by the authorities in control of society.

Are there banned books where you live?

Let's make a list of banned books of today and yesterday and discuss them.


  1. OK...not knowing what books have been banned, I googled... What did I find??? Alice in Wonderland. WHAT? REASON: Used to be banned in the province of Hunan, China, beginning in 1931 for its portrayal of anthropomorphized animals acting on the same level of complexity as human beings. (Wikipedia) LOL

  2. Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five is offically added.

    "To hell with the censors!" said Kurt Vonnegut. "Give me knowledge or give me death!" Now the late author's memorial library is acting on his words, giving 150 copies of his seminal novel Slaughterhouse-Five away for free to students at the Missouri school that banned it late last month.

    The Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library is asking interested pupils at Republic High School in Missouri to drop it an email requesting a free copy of Slaughterhouse-Five after an anonymous donor provided it with 150 copies of the book. "We think it's important for everyone to have their First Amendment rights. We're not telling you to like the book ... we just want you to read it and decide for yourself," said Julia Whitehead, the library's executive director, in a note on its website entitled "stop the madness".